Centre for Alternative Technology

The Graduate School at the Centre for Alternative Technology is a world class training centre benefitting from over 40 years expertise in sustainability practice.

Based in the Wales Institute for Sustainable Education (WISE) the GSE offers unparalleled teaching and accommodation facilities.

Key areas of study and training include: renewable energy; wind, solar, photovoltaic, hydro and biofuels, environmental building, including building with timber, straw and earth, energy efficiency, organic growing, alternative sewage and water treatment systems, specifically reedbeds and constructed wetland systems, dry composting toilets and rainwater recycling.

Services include a visitor centre open 7 days a week all year round, practical and informative publications, a mailorder service for books and products, educational services for schools and colleges, a free information service, residential courses, a comprehensive website, a membership organisation, and consultancy advice for individuals and businesses.

Forthcoming Courses

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