Water and Wastewater Treatment Principles

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Course overview

To acquire general knowledge of the conventional unit operations employed in water and wastewater treatment, including the scientific engineering principles on which they are based.

Course description

Classification significance and concentration ranges of impurities in water and wastewater including: suspended and dissolved solids, organic and inorganic compounds, trace contaminants, pathogens.
Physical methods for removing particulates: screening and grit removal, sedimentation, filtration.
Chemical dosing, including precipitation; coagulation and flocculation processes (including basic concepts from colloid science; disinfection and chemical oxidation.
Adsorption and ion exchange.
Biological processes for wastewater treatment, both aerobic and anaerobic. Activated sludge, trickling filters and sludge digestion.
Pumping and process control systems and strategies
Examples of flow sheets and unit operations in treatment plants.
On successful completion of this module the delegate will be able to:

Understand the nature of impurities in waters and wastewaters, their concentrations and significance.
Understand the basic principles of conventional treatment processes.
Select appropriate processes, depending on the nature of the impurities to be removed and the intended use of the treated water or effluent.
Complete a flow-sheet selection assignment showing how unit processes are selected based on incoming water quality.

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