Waste Disposal and Resouce Recovery

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Course overview

To acquire knowledge of the changing nature, sustainability, technical concepts and requirements for landfill management and explore the continued role of landfill in integrated waste management.

Course description

This course will cover:

Principles: Changing philosophy, dilute and disperse/natural attenuation, engineered containment (legacy), co-disposal, bioreactors, aerobic landfill, planning, legacy, reliance, international perspectives including their advantages, disadvantages, limitations and capabilities.

legislative regimes and their requirements: Control of Pollution Act 1974, Environmental Protection Act 1990, Pollution Prevention & Control, Landfill Directive
operations: Infrastructure, mining, engineering (Natural and engineered barriers, liner performance, permeability, mass transfer), cover material, restoration (aftercare, planning, monitoring, liability), hazardous waste landfill, inert landfill, accelerated stabilisation, waste acceptance.

Impacts: Emissions, fires, odour, nuisance, unlicensed sites (Environment Act Part IIA)
biological, chemical and physical processes: microbiology, decomposition processes, methanogenesis, environmental equilibrium status.

Landfill gas: production, management control options (oxidation, flaring, utilisation), minimising emissions, climate change, monitoring, treatment
leachate: Generation, properties (toxicity), composition and chemistry, collection, management (recirculation, irrigation), treatment, discharge; and
hydrogeology: Groundwater protection, contaminant hydrology, modelling, monitoring, private water supply.

On successful completion of this course the delegate will be able to:

Explain the evolution of landfill operation and drivers for change in an integrated waste management context.

Critically evaluate factors that influence landfill sustainability and techniques to accelerate landfill stabilisation.

Understand the life of a landfill from pre-planning to completion, recognising the importance of operational phasing and institutional controls.
Scope and evaluate the requirements of landfill and infrastructure design.

Describe fundamental processes and emissions associated with landfill and apply knowledge to manage and minimise emissions on a risk basis.

Demonstrate the importance of groundwater and hydrogeological protection in the siting of landfill facilities.

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