Tribology - What every engineer should know

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Tribology - What Every Engineer Should Know

This one-day course uncloaks the myths and realities of tribology in practice, ensuring engineers appreciate the key principles of tribology in action.

Tribology is the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion, ie friction, lubrication and wear. It is fundamental to all rotating equipment, regardless of industry or location. It is a vast and complex subject with numerous sources of information of varying levels of quality and applicability to the practical engineer. The purpose of this course is to separate fact from friction, and present the €˜real€™ fundamentals of tribology in practice, and what every engineer should know. The course is based on 30 years of work at the National Centre of Tribology.


The course will:
€¢ Explain the basic principles of classical tribology
€¢ Present the main myths and some of the realities of the subject
€¢ Consider the main subjects of surfaces, contact mechanics, wear, lubrication and bearing systems and extract the fundamentals of the technology
€¢ Present delegates techniques to simplify tribological analyses
€¢ Give delegates a greater appreciation of the importance of tribological assessments

Topics include:
€¢ Engineering surfaces
€¢ What Happens when Surfaces Touch
€¢ Yield Criteria
€¢ Sources of Friction
€¢ Forms of Wear, How to Prevent Wear
€¢ Basic Modes of Lubrication
€¢ Design Information for Tribology
€¢ Simplified Predictive Equations

This course will be of interest to all personnel (engineers, designers and technicians) involved in applying tribological theory to industrial practice

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