Submersible Pumps Awareness Day

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09:30 hrs Registration & Coffee

10:00 hrs Welcome & Introduction

10:15 hrs Introduction to Submersible Pumps.
Steve Broadfoot

11:00 hrs The Main Issues Associated With Submersibles Pumps
Andy Wilson, Hidrostal

Submersible pump technology has become the standard accepted approach to the majority of waste water transportation requirements in the UK. However, it is not without its pitfalls. Whilst these need not be show stoppers it is advisable to be aware of them.
This talk aims to equip the listener with a check list of key aspects to be aware of in the arena of submersible pumping and also explores some of the alternative solutions that might be more appropriate to the end user under certain conditions.

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11:45 hrs Submersible Pumps in the Water Industry
Dave Lees, Bedford Pumps

The presentation will address the strengths and weaknesses of the submersible pumps when used in the Water Industry. It will look at the recent developments in design, manufacturing and condition monitoring and explore the limitations of use.

12:15 hrs Applying variable speed drives to submersible pumps
Geoff Brown, ABB

The problems in applying VSDs specifically to electrosubmerible pumps, examining the requirements for long cable runs, the vulnerability to EMC issues, the mechanical issues due to bearing design and lubrication together with possible mitigation methods.

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13:45 hrs Condition Monitoring of Submersible Pumps - issues and solutions
Geoff Walker, Artesis.

Monitoring the condition and performance of Submersible pumps has in the past been difficult. Conventional human 5 senses are limited in their ability to detect developing problems when a pump is submerged in liquid, portable, hand held vibration monitoring is not generally an option, and vibration monitoring using fixed sensors faces challenges of getting sensors to work reliably when submerged. These same factors that make monitoring difficult also make maintenance more difficult, so the benefits that can be obtained by Condition Monitoring - namely avoiding breakdowns, and also avoiding un-necessary routine planned maintenance -are even higher than in more normal pump situations. This talk will examine some methods and technologies that are not only work, but are also very cost-effective in these situations, allowing you to identify the condition of the electrical, mechanical and operational

Submersible Pumps - New Developments

14:15 hrs N Technology
Tony Price, ITT WWW

In terms of pump development the N technology has delivered sustained high efficiency and minimal blockage operation since its introduction in the late 90's. The product has been further developed to include an adaptive functionality, hard iron material for abrasive applications and a chopper version for excessively raggy and stringy media. Coupled with the solids handling ability of the pump is the design and delivery of the ToPS benched sump ensuring maximum solids removal from submersible pumping stations; it must be stressed that benching design is just as important as pump design in these applications.

14:45 hrs AmaDS3
Stuart Wallis, KSB

In KSB Limited, with its continual desire to deliver new products, would like to introduce the AmaDS3. This patented design system has 4 distinct benefits
*Pumps have extended operating life as the solids contained in the media do not come in contact with the pumps.
*Considerably higher efficiencies can be achieved as this unique system has optimised hydraulic solution.
*Lower maintenance costs are incurred, as the AmaDS3 is composed of modules with easy access to all critical items.
*This system is delivered pre-built so design, construction and installation costs are reduced

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