Solid Waste Management and Valorisation (IChemE Approved)

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Course Outline
The course is built around a project which will encourage you to examine the issue of waste from the point at which it arises through its management to its final deposition in a secure repository. You will be guided through an overview of the regulations associated with the definition of waste, its transport, processing and deposition in an engineered landfill. The principals of landfill design are explored together with the technology and methods of construction and operation. The technology of hazardous waste incineration is reviewed with respect to the reduction of harm. You are introduced to the concepts and principals of waste valorisation and a set of tools are developed for the characterisation of waste for valorisation, the identification of value in waste and the generation and assessment of opportunities. Examples of valorisation technologies are presented and discussed with respect to their drivers and net impacts on the environment. Waste to energy is objectively analysed from the top down to reveal gaps in current engineering thinking and UK policy. Finally the concept of the waste refinery is developed and the challenge of novel process integration revealed.

What can you expect to learn?
• How EU legislation and UK regulation relate to the definition, management and deposition of waste in landfill
• About techniques to identify the value in a waste stream and to develop opportunities to exploit the value
• How to approach the design construction and management of landfill
• How the technology of hazardous waste incineration operates to reduce harm and to protect the environment
• How to approach a waste stream with a view to finding a means of beneficial re-use
• About a range of technologies for the material valorisation of wastes and energy generation from wastes

Who will benefit most?
The course will appeal to students managing, conducting or with a particular interest in minimising the impact of waste. It will provide valuable context for those engaged or interested in the practice of waste management, landfill site design and operation and those seeking new opportunities to re-use their waste materials. It will be of interest to those involved in or concerned with the regulation of waste management practice, giving them valuable insights into the design and therefore operational limitations of the processes they seek to regulate.

The course will appeal to students with a more general background in the environment and sustainable technology and makes no significant demands on mathematical competency, however to obtain the greatest benefit from this unit you will need to be comfortable with some general engineering principals and the concept of the mass balance.

Attend the University of Manchester for one week of lectures, seminars and small group discussions. Course material is also available electronically for you to study in your own time.

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