Risk, Toxicology, Exposure & Health

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Course overview

To be conversant in the general application of toxicological, exposure and risk assessment methodologies for human health endpoints related to amenity impacts, chemical exposure, the selection of risk management options and the communication of risk.

Course description

The purpose and process of risk assessment, including good practice, quantitative and qualitative, interpretation of the precautionary principle, role of different organisations
measurement and control options for noise, dust and odour
air quality: air quality standards, process emissions to air; engines, stacks, flares and incinerators
measures of disease frequency, association and risk
study design: description, analysis, secondary research (systematic review and meta-analysis)
analysis and interpretation of case studies
concept of human exposure monitoring - overview of sources and pathways of exposure, exposure assessment approaches and applications e.g. in risk assessment, regulation
sampling strategies and methodologies - epidemiological investigations, biomonitoring, compliance testing and standard setting, worst case scenario modelling
sampling principles - solid, liquid, gas
acute and chronic toxicological end-points in mammals (including irritation, corrosivity, sensitization, genotoxicity, immunotoxicity, reproductive & developmental toxicity and carcinogenicity)
target organ toxicology
in silico, in vivo and in vitro models used in toxicological hazard and risk assessment
protocols and guidelines for experimental studies, such as those of the OECD, EC and USA, and the implications of the requirement for quality assurance systems
risk perception and how it varies with context including “fright factors”
models of the amplification and attenuation of risk
developing trust in societal groups and communicating risk messages
components included in undertaking a health impact assessment (HIA)
relationships between environmental impact assessment, HIA and strategic impact assessment
legal aspects where HIA is required and associated UK and EU laws and regulations
developing a framework strategy for undertaking HIAs.
On successful completion of this course the delegate will be able to:

Understand and explain the overall process of risk assessment and delineate this from risk management and communication.
Demonstrate an insight into the drivers that may influence individual or group perceptions and attitudes towards risk.
Critically evaluate risk assessments and epidemiological information in relation to good practice.
Demonstrate knowledge of the principles and techniques for amenity impact measurement and control.
Demonstrate knowledge of the statutory requirements for considering impacts, the significance of these limits and the techniques and reliability of measurement for compliance under differing conditions.
Demonstrate a critical knowledge of key epidemiological aspects.
Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of the applications of human exposure monitoring and develop effective sampling strategies.
Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of the range of acute and chronic harmful effects that can be caused by short and long-term exposure in environmental and occupational settings.
Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of the wide range of in silico, in vitro and in vivo models that are currently available to investigate the potential for chemical substances to cause harm to humans and how they can be employed strategically to undertake hazard/risk assessment.
Explain the objective and elements that may be required in an HIA, including scientific, health and social science aspects.

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