Pumps for Beginners & Intermediates - 2 days

Course Location The Holiday Inn, Runcorn, Cheshire
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Course provider Pump Centre - ESR Technology Ltd
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This course will span 2 days and delegates may attend the first day only or both days. The first day will be for beginners and will provide the basic grounding required by those whose work brings them into contact with pumps. The second day will provide a more detailed understanding of pumps and systems design for those designing pumping installations.

To get the best performance out of pumps engineers must have a wide knowledge and experience of their design and application. But for those with little or no experience of pumps the subject can seem a complex and often bewildering subject.

Through a series of presentations, demonstrations and practical exercises the first day of the course will provide a basic understanding of pumps and associated pumping issues. The same format will be used on the second day to provide a more detailed understanding of pumps, how to select them and design a pumping system.


First Day - Beginners:
- Pump concepts and applications
- Fluid properties and pumps
- Pump performance factors
- How to select pumps and match them with systems
- LCC selection methodology
- Typical pump problems

Second Day - Intermediate:
- How to design full pumping installations including a design exercise and use of software
- Cover fluid dynamics in relation to pump / system design in detail
- Describe the hydraulic performance of different pump types
- Discuss impact of various factors in the pump selection process upon pump performance
- Pump / System design software will be demonstrated

Topics include:
- What is a Pump? - pump types, pump construction
- Pump Performance - Assessment of performance, pump demonstration
- Requirements of the system? - Static head, dynamic head - friction losses
- Choosing a pump - Review of specification, basic pump selection
- Operation - good practice, things that go wrong

The first part of the course is a 'beginners' guide aimed at those who have little or no knowledge of pumps or wish to reintroduce themselves to the subject.

The second day is aimed at those who wish to develop their skills further into pumping systems design.
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