Pumps, Motors, Instrumentation and Control Awareness Day

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09:00 hrs Registration & Coffee

09:30 hrs Welcome & Introduction

09:45 hrs Incorporating proven devices within a proven architecture
Phil George (Rockwell Automation)

Recent developments allow existing, commonly used intelligent devices, such as overloads & motor starters, to be seamlessly incorporated into EtherNet/IP architectures. Without the use of any additional software, information sharing becomes straightforward and parameters can be viewed or edited via any freely available web-browser.

10:15 hrs Making centrifugal pump operation more transparent and efficient
Alan Black (KSB)

This pump monitoring unit assists in improving energy efficiency and electricity consumption by continually monitoring differential pressure across the pump and calculating where it is operating on its performance curve. A load profile is established to detail to the user whether or not they are operating at peak efficiency or indeed alert them if they are not and inform them that they need to make modifications to their system to rectify the issue.

10:45 hrs Best Efficiency is not Good Enough!! - Cost of Energy 's day has ARRIVED
Frank Griffiths (ABB)

Variable Speed operation of a fan/pump infrastructure, allows the best possible energy savings/efficiency to be achieved. This enables a consequential improvement in Energy & Efficiency benefits, in the complex interaction, between pump design and operation to achieve an optimum end user/client solution. .
The metric for Energy & Efficiency benefits is the Cost of Energy or COE, (kWhr per cubic metre), this metric clearly indicates the benefits from, or detriment to, a particular pump scenario.
For the best Cost of Energy, a pump system must be optimised for the best operating speed range and number of units. The optimised operating speed/number of units, not being restricted/compromised by the use of a fixed speed design.
This paper shows that by using COE : "Cost of Energy" in kWhr per cubic metre, pump design compatibility, operational schemes etc can be easily determined from known system and pump data at the design stage.

= = = = = = = Refreshment Break (Exhibition Area 11:15 hrs - 11:30 hrs) = = = = = =

11:30 hrs Intelligent VSD's for an efficient and robust system
Ian Anderson (Danfoss)

12:00 hrs Pump Control to minimise blockages
Tony Price (ITT Flygt)

Flygt continue to develop the N technology to deliver optimum blockage resistance to the water industry. The latest development in the range has seen the introduction of the adaptive functionality in the small N3085 range to alleviate motor starting torque issues on small applications. The success of using adaptive functionality on the N3085 has led to the further development of adaptive functionality on the N3102 and N3127 range of pumps.

12:30 hrs Centralised Catchment Management - Remote Control of Pump Station Networks in Real Time
Stuart Duncan (MultiTrode)

= = = = = = = = = = = LUNCH BREAK (Exhibition Area 13:00 hrs - 13:50 hrs ) = = = = = = = = = =

13:50 hrs The advantages and disadvantages of VSD's
Matt Handley (Mitsubishi Electric)

The benefits that can be gained by the fitting of VSD's to applications. How doing this can lead to real savings in energy consumption and also improved process control. Highlighting the pitfalls and discussing the disadvantages of VSD's

14:20 hrs Ram and Diaphragm Pumps - Operation and Energy Efficiency.
Harry Crawford (Energy Pumps)

= = = = = = = Refreshment Break (Exhibition Area 14:50 hrs - 15:05 hrs) = = = = = =

15:05 hrs Issues associated with Condition Monitoring of Variable Speed Pumps
Geoff Walker (Artesis)

The presentation will cover:
Problems associated with monitoring pumps driven by Variable Speed drives.
Problems that can be caused by Variable Speed Drives and how you can avoid these problems.
Issues associated with control systems and
Some pointers on Identification of which pumps merit variable speed drives.

15:35 hrs Reducing Risk with Temporary Equipment
Daniel Fitzsimons (Quantum Controls)

The presentation would be a review of recent case studies where temporary equipment has been used to reduce or eliminate risk, this will be both in breakdown situations and in proving new technical applications prior to capital investment.

16:05 hrs Close

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