Principles of Sustainability

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Course overview

Sustainability has emerged as one of the key principles which guides the development process. It is concerned with how best to meet social and economic development objectives without compromising the future viability of natural and human systems. This module introduces the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability and sustainable development. It critically examines the use of the concept of sustainable development to guide decision making at international, national government and corporate levels. In this respect, the module provides an overall framework for the rest of the course as it integrates governance, policy, economics, business, and environmental science in pursuit of sustainable development

Course description

Sustainable development: definition, objectives, methods and indicators
Principles of sustainable business
The discourse of environmental management and corporate responsibility
Basic principles of the earth's biological and chemical cycles, and the impact of pollution on natural systems
Systems approaches

On successful completion of this module the delegate will be able to :

Understand the main principles, terminology and key issues within the debate on sustainability and participate in that debate.
Identify mechanisms for integrating sustainability criteria into management strategies.
Appraise the role of business in society within a framework of corporate responsibility
Appreciate the strategic nature of management, and the role of environmental initiatives in strategy
Explain the basic principles of the earth's biological and chemical cycles, and of the impact of pollution on natural systems
Appreciate the principles of a systems approach to analysis and management of the challenges to sustainable development

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