Offshore Inspection

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Course overview

To provide an understanding of the various techniques used for inspection of offshore and underwater structures.

Course description

This course will cover:

Underlying principles defining why inspection is necessary.
Marine growth/cleaning technique, standards.
Underwater inspection - visual, by diver and ROV. Inspection requirements, and planning. Flooded member detection.
NDT - introduction
ultrasonics: Properties of sound waves: probe construction: systems A-scan , B-scan, C-scan, arrays and other data display/collection methods; defect sizing; weld inspection.

Eddy currents: principles of eddy current formation; interaction with material inhomogeneities; the impedance plane as a basis of understanding the possibilities of the method; effects of depth of penetration and frequency.

Radiography: principles of x-ray production. gamma sources; use of both exposure variables; use of IQIs to size defects; safety
electrical methods: ACFM and APCD, resistance (ac and dc) measurements
magnetic particle inspection: production of high magnetic fields; use of particles, relative directions of field and flaw; demagnetisation.

Dye penetrant: principles of cleaning, dyes, developers and interpretation of passive stress wave production and detection
internals and external pipeline inspection.

On successful completion of this course the delegate will:

Understand the basic physics behind the various NDT techniques.

Be able to select appropriate techniques for an application.

Understand the capabilities and limitations of each method.

Be competent in assessing new techniques and the likelihood of their use.

Understand the problems caused by working underwater and on pipelines.

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