MSc in Earthquake Engineering with Disaster Management

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Cost £3300
Type of course in situ
Course provider University College London
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Earthquake engineering is a new, multi-disciplinary and constantly evolving science. Recent events in modern cities (e.g. Northridge 1994, Kobe 1995) have shown the large life and economic losses that can occur as a consequence of bad design and construction. The earthquake in Pakistan (2005) and the Indian Ocean Tsunami (2004) have also highlighted an increased vulnerability of populations in developing countries due to lack of awareness, lack of hazard considerations in design and land-use planning, and ineffective disaster management.

A new type of global earthquake engineer is required that is able to take a holistic approach to earthquake engineering and disaster management.

This MSc is a unique course that draws together two fields that have previously been treated as mutually exclusive: Earthquake engineering and Disaster Management. It imparts a combination of specialist earthquake engineering knowledge and an understanding of the social, economic and political impact of earthquake events in order to produce engineers which can provide holistic design solutions and be able to work in both engineering and disaster management roles.

The programme consists of eight taught modules and a major research project (which professionals can do in their current workplaces), and has been developed in collaboration with civil engineering and nuclear industry professionals, disaster managers, re-insurers, academics, and non-governmental organisations. A Postgraduate Diploma (taught modules only) is also available.

Course Aims:

On completion of the programme, graduates will:

understand the roles and interactions between seismology, soil dynamics and structural dynamics in the determination of the vulnerability of ordinary and special structures to seismic actions;

know the underlying principles, limitations and be able to apply both current seismic codes and novel unconventional methodologies of seismic design, repair and assessment;

understand the national and world wide social, economic and political consequences of earthquake events;

be able to select and assess the adequacy, economic viability and life saving effectiveness of pre-event risk mitigation and post-event risk management solutions when applied to different contexts.

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Individuals can also choose to take certain modules as short courses for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development.

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