MSc Sustainability and Business

Course Location Leeds, West Yorkshire
Cost £7000
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Course provider University of Leeds, School of Earth and Environment
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This long-established course examines the ways in which businesses can improve their environmental performance and enhance their social responsibility.

Uniquely based outside of a business school context, this course adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the complex relationship between business and the different dimensions of sustainability. Taught by specialists in sustainability, the course combines a conceptual review of the relationships between business, environment and society with a more applied examination of the wide range of initiatives that relate to environmental management and corporate social responsibility.

Perspectives from government, business and stakeholder groups (such as pressure and community groups) are examined, drawing on the expertise of the School, the University and the practitioner community.

The course explores the drivers pushing business to tackle sustainability from insider and outsider perspectives, considers how sustainability is conceptualised from a business perspective and introduces students to different approaches to managing the challenges of sustainability. It examines the range of management tools that are available, shows how they are applied in practical situations, and examines the factors that shape the success or failure of these initiatives.

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