Lubricants and Lubrication

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Practical Guide to Lubricants and Lubrication

A one-day course on the selection, performance and use of lubricants and how to achieve successful lubrication.

Over 37 years€™ experience at NCT on problems in industrial plant suggest that up to 70% of all failures or inefficient plant operation can be attributed to poor lubrication practice. This course is aimed at those engineers who require a knowledge of the properties and performance of lubricants used on their plant and who need to understand the importance of correct lubrication practice.


This course will allow delegates to:

€¢ Understand the types of failures caused by incorrect lubrication
€¢ Learn how lubricants prevent wear
€¢ Gain and appreciation of lubricant types and properties
€¢ Discover the compatibility of lubricants with different metals
€¢ Prevent problems in lubrication systems: a guide to trouble-shooting
€¢ Learn how to increase the service life of lubricating oils, prevent foaming, know the importance of good air-release and improve water separation
€¢ Understand the main do€™s and don€™ts of lubrication practice
Topics will include:

€¢ Basic Principles of Lubrication
€¢ Oils and Greases - what are they and how to they work
€¢ Lubricant application - the correct way to apply grease, when to re-lubricate
€¢ Selecting the correct lubricant - factors which must be considered when selecting a lubricant
€¢ How to choose the correct viscosity lubricant to protect your gears and bearings

This course is aimed at all individuals who need an appreciation of lubricants and lubrication best practise and who would like to gain a more detailed knowledge of their use. It is suitable for engineers and technicians and those who wish to
(re-)introduce themselves to the subject.

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