IEMA Associate Certificate by distance and vocational learning

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Course Description and Aims

This unique course is designed to offer you a route to IEMA Associate membership and beyond via an evidence based portfolio to demonstrate not only your understanding of all the criteria, but an ability to apply them in a work based setting. The applied learning delivery method allows you to work at your own pace, and work commitments, whilst still achieving a high level qualification.

The applied learning approach focuses on the application of the core environmental knowledge to your own organisation. It is designed to appeal to those with a practical learning style, based on the concept of ‘learning by doing’.

Outline programme

The course is made up of six compulsory units each requiring a range of evidence to demonstrate competence in each unit has been achieved. You will be required to produce a Reflective Management Report, for each unit to demonstrate your understanding of the underpinning knowledge and provide evidence to demonstrate your ability to apply that knowledge to your own organisation.

The units are:

1) Global Environmental Issues
2) Environmental Law
3) Environmental Techniques
4) Environmental Management Systems
5) Environmental Communications
6) Sustainability

You will produce evidence to specific criteria as outlined in the unit descriptors. This evidence will then be assessed by the Assessor to ensure all the criteria has been achieved and independently quality checked by a structured sampling verification by an Internal Verifier.


The course is based on a distance learning approach; you will have attended an initial induction session to outline the course structure and assessment process. You will then research and produce evidence for each unit. Learning Mentors will keep in regular contact with you via email and telephone to give directed support tailored to your individual needs.

On a regular basis you will have face to face meetings, with your assessor to review your evidence and develop your next guided learning plan. The duration of the course will depend on your previous experience and ability to produce evidence.

Total learning time will be around 90 learning hours. It is expected that candidates will complete the course in an average of 8 months; although this is dependent on previous experience and work commitments, in order to accommodate this, the course is offered with 12 month support.

Candidates are able to start the course on a rolling 12 month basis with immediate effect.

Learning Objectives

On completion of this course a candidate will be able to

1) Have an underpinning knowledge of the earth’s natural systems and how human activity interacts and impacts on these systems.
2) Understanding of the main sources of Environmental Law and key pieces of legislation effecting UK businesses.
3) Demonstrate a competence in the principle tools used by the environmental professional, including Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Risk Assessment.
4) Demonstrate an understanding of the benefits of implementing an environmental management system.
5) Understanding of the importance of Environmental communication both internally and externally to the organisation.
6) Understanding of the issues, science and philosophy that underpin environmental sustainability.

And have a practical understanding of which an organisation can reduce its impacts.

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