Health, Sanitation and Wastewater Treatment

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Course overview

A wholesome water supply and good sanitation are essential for a healthy life. Poor sanitation is a significant cause of diseases from which millions in low-income countries / communities suffer. Promoting hygiene and sanitary excreta / waste management practice / technology should be an important component of proactive public health development. This module explores the links between water, excreta related behaviour, and health and the related technologies that are appropriate in low and middle income communities.

Course description

health: health and hygiene in developing countries; classification of water- and excreta-related disease; risk behaviours in relation to water-and excreta-related disease; health and hygiene impact assessment; hygiene evaluation and promotion
on-site excreta disposal systems: why they are not used, benefits of their use, pit latrines, VIP latrines, pour-flush latrines, composting latrines, septic tanks, soakage systems, ecological sanitation.
urban sanitation: conventional and low-cost sewerage, cartage; urban drainage; solid waste management
wastewater treatment: the need for sewage treatment: environmental pollution, health impacts, economic impacts.

On completion of the course the delegate will be able to:

Identify the principal transmission routes of water and excreta-related diseases.
Recognise the disease risks associated with water and excreta-related behaviours.
Design a basic programme for hygiene evaluation and promotion.
Select and design a sanitation system for a given situation.
Evaluate excreta/wastewater management systems and recommend improvements / alternatives.

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