Environmental Law and Regulation (IChemE Approved)

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The objectives of international EU/US and UK environmental law is described and the mechanisms of enforcement and prosecution introduced. Mechanisms of regulation are discussed, including permitting, economic instruments and inspection.

* In depth evaluation of UK legislation

* Investigate UK Environmental Law real-life case-studies

* Detailed look at the role of industry regulators

* Study the regulations on nuisance, contaminated land, waste management & disposal, and specific environmental liability laws (e.g. damage caused by waste)

* Trade & environmental issues - integration of environmental protection requirements

* Understand the role of the European Court of Justice, Council of Ministers, European Commission & European Parliament

* Key concepts & future trends in European Law, and enforcement of directly effective rights in national jurisdiction

* Understand the role that action & pressure groups play in influencing environmental actions in Europe

* Environmental Law is getting tougher and core legal knowledge is essential

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