Environment Systems and Impact Management (IChemE Approved)

Course Location Manchester
Cost £1685
Type of course in situ
Course provider The University of Manchester
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Course Outline
Gain an insight into natural environmental systems including the Earth’s natural cycles and ecosystems, and man’s interaction with these systems. Develop an understanding of environmental management systems, and of how management tools can be used to manage human impact on the environment.

In the first part of the course your background knowledge of the key environmental cycles is developed and the links between them and human activity characterised. You will develop a detailed understanding of the global cycles of carbon, nitrogen and water, and the consequences of changes in these cycles associated with human activity.

In the second part of the course you will learn about ecosystems and the importance of the interactions which link microrganisms, such as bacteria, to large mammals. These concepts will be developed to consider the sensitivity of ecosystems to pollution or other human activity and the relationship between ecosystems and the global cycles.
Finally, you will learn how environmental management tools are used in industry to manage environmental impact.

What can you expect to learn?
• About the global carbon, nitrogen and water cycles
• How human activity influences the global cycles
• About the structure and components in a resource cycle
• The characteristics of ecosystems and niches
• The environmental management tools used in industry
• How to identify the potential environmental impact of human activities
• How to critically analyse environmental management tools or policies with respect to their objectives, successes and consequences
• To demonstrate awareness of impacts on the environment for which you are responsible, both as a private individual and as a professional in practice

Who will benefit most?
The course will be most useful to those who are new to the environmental field as it provides an introduction to natural environmental systems. It will also be useful to those who are interested in developing environmental management tools to reduce environmental impact.
To obtain the greatest benefit from this unit you will need to have a scientific background. A grounding in the basic principles of physics, chemistry and biology will enable you to get to grips with the material most effectively.

Attend the University of Manchester for one week of lectures, seminars and small group discussions. Course material is also available electronically for you to study in your own time.

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