Environment Policy - Undergraduate Diploma (D46)

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You will study two courses for this award.
Environmental concerns are broad ranging. They include global climate change, anxieties about food, polluted air, management of waste, squandering natural resources, disappearance of species and habitats, concerns over the consequences of our actions for future generations, disquiet over the genetic modification of living organisms. This exciting and innovative course provides an introduction to the scientific, technological and social factors that are important in informing your approaches to these concerns. Drawing on a wide range of issues, it encourages you to understand and debate environmental changes and responses, and to consider why it is that environmental questions are often the source of political and scientific contests and conflict.
Environmental Policy in an International Context:
This course is for anyone who is interested in the nature of international environmental problems such as climate change, tropical deforestation, hazardous wastes, ozone depletion and loss of biodiversity, and why these problems have become important politically. The course examines the constraints and opportunities for sustainable development. It makes a critical analysis of international environmental questions and is particularly topical in its concern with the relationship between development and environment and between local and global issues. The course is jointly produced by The Open University and The Open University of the Netherlands.
This diploma will suit those who do not want to complete a full degree or who want to obtain an interim qualification on their way to a full degree.

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