Eco-Design and Green Chemistry (IChemE Approved)

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Course provider The University of Manchester
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Course Outline
Broaden your horizons by acquiring an overview of the chemical and design options which are available to reduce the environmental impact of the chemical industry. This course develops your skills for effective appraisal of an existing process and teaches you about the tools available to minimise the waste product ion or hazardous by-products of a particular synthetic route.
The course defines eco-design and the contribution made by green chemistry to achieving environmental and sustainability objectives.

Resource efficiency is discussed and design tools developed to address the ‘green and sustainable’ agendas. Energy efficiency is addressed through the ‘pinch’ concepts and method. The water resource is considered through the development of the ‘pinch’ concepts. Raw materials efficiency is considered through the introduction of optimisation principals and techniques.

Project management for sustainable outcomes is discussed in the context of objective, timely decision making and consideration of the ‘design team’ composition.

What can you expect to learn?
• Knowledge and understanding of the objectives of eco-design
• An understanding of the role of green chemistry in achieving environmentally sound process designs
• A range of technical and managerial tools appropriate to eco-design
• How to apply a range of technical and managerial tools to example scenarios relevant to eco-design
• How to critically analyse eco-design problems and select appropriate tools to resolve the issues
• How to evaluate example design tools and determine their suitability as part of an eco-design solution
• How to evaluate a design team and identify skill shortages relevant to achieving environmental and sustainability objectives
• How to deploy a range of managerial tools in the pursuit of environmental objectives

Who will benefit most?
The course will appeal to those supervising, conducting or with a particular interest in the intelligent design of chemical processes. It will provide valuable context for those managing, engaged in or interested in the chemical industry.

It will be of particular interest to those involved or interested in environmental regulation, giving them valuable insights into the design and therefore operational limitations of the processes they seek to regulate.

To obtain the greatest benefit from this unit you will need to be competent to a standard equivalent to ‘A’ level in Chemistry. You will need to be comfortable with chemical reaction formulae and have some understanding of molarity and molecular structure. You will also require a basic grounding in mathematics.

Attend the University of Manchester for one week of lectures, seminars and small group discussions. Course material is also available electronically for you to study in your own time.

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