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Course Outline

The accurate engineering description of soils and rocks is fundamental to the success of any civil engineering or geo-environmental site investigation. In the vast majority of cases the materials recovered from the ground are seen only once and it is in this very short space of time that the geo-engineer/logger must decide on the composition of the soil and hence describe it. These descriptions invariably form the building blocks of conceptual ground models and are the basis for important design decisions, work often carried out by different personnel from another organisation.

This course will provide comprehensive practical, hands-on experience in the description of soil and rock for both engineering and environmental investigations based on BS5930 (“Code of practice for site investigations”). BS5930 provides a consistent framework for site investigation and contains the guidance allowing the standardisation of material description which is universally used throughout the UK engineering and environmental industries.

Who should attend

The course will be of direct relevance to geologists, environmental scientists and civil engineers with little or no practical site experience. The course aims to impart sufficient practical experience and knowledge to allow the participants to provide accurate soil and rock descriptions to BS5930, both when on site and in the laboratory / office.

Course Structure

The course will involve personal tuition designed to impart the skills necessary to describe soil and rock. The course is supported by a compact field package of information summarising the principles of describing ground.

Session 1 0900-1000
Registration and introduction
Tools for the job Introduction to the techniques for the recovery of samples and their affect on the samples recovered
Site Overviews Importance of the geological / historical context of the site on the description of samples
BS5930 - Introduction

Session 2 1000-1300

Description of rocks
Introduction to the fundamental engineering characteristics of rock core and problems associated with drilling techniques
Hands on Practical Practical description of real rock cores including the assessment of core quality (RQD, TCR etc)

Session 3 1300-1630

Description of Soils Introduction to the description of physical properties of soils relevant to civil and environmental engineering. An outline of the available quick site tests (slake tests, hand vane, pocket penetrometer etc). Problems with classification from a field description.
Hands on Practical Practical description of a variety of soil samples providing experience in the assessment of physical properties (permeability, shear strength etc) as well as composition.

Session 4 1630-1700

General discussion and questions

Booking details

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Course Presenters

Jeremy Moore and Paul Emerson are Directors of Emerson Moore Geosciences, a firm specialising in advanced ground investigation and engineering geology. They both hold degrees in Geology with MSc in Engineering Geology and have extensive experience in both the field description of soil and rock and the interpretation of field descriptions to form conceptual ground models for design purposes.

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