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Background: Geoscientists wishing to be Chartered by the Geological Society of London will be expected to demonstrate competence in:-

• an ability to understand the complexities of geology and of geological processes in space and time in relation to his or her speciality.
• an ability to use geoscience information to generate predictive models.
• an ability to communicate clearly verbally and in writing.
• a clear understanding of the meaning and needs of professionalism.
• a knowledge and understanding of the Code of Conduct; and
• an appreciation of the role of Continuing Professional Development during training and after validation.

This course is designed to assist those who wish to become chartered in the speciality of Engineering Geology and feel the need for support in developing these basic skills. It should be noted that in addition to the above an awareness of Health and Safety issues will also be expected but that is not covered by this course.

Aims: The course will help those applying for Chartership to use their geological knowledge to demonstrate competence in the above areas. The course does not substitute the work of the mentor each aspirant will have been allocated but is designed to complement the work of the mentors.

Method: The course will teach by example and interaction, using virtual field work, maps, sections, logs and specimens to illustrate the products of geological processes, in time and space. Prior to the course, participants will be invited to disclose areas in which they feel vulnerable and these will be built into the examples used on the day. In addition, each participant will be given a simple problem that will be the basis for their personal verbal presentation with questions and answers.

Morning Programme: Practice, with examples, the recognition of commonly encountered geological conditions, each of which is assessed and discussed with the aid of virtual field work, maps, sections and specimens.

Afternoon Programme: Study the geology of an area, create a conceptual model of the gound, present and defend that model and recommend how it may be verified. The course will end with a discussion of Professional matters and the importance of CPD.

Course dates: Advertised on web site

Location: This course will take place at the BRE in Garston, North of London. Details on how to get to this site can be found under

Cost: The cost of this course is £350 per person exclusive VAT.

Booking details: Please complete and return the booking form displayed on this site, or if you have questions contact Christine Butenuth at First Steps Ltd. either using e-mail or telephone 0207 589 7394.

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Course Providers: Drs. Michael de Freitas and Christine Butenuth are directors of First Steps and chartered geologists. Michael has been in charge of the MSc in Engineering Geology at Imperial College for many years and has provided training to geologists and engineers on an undergraduate and postgraduate level. Christine has taught the undergraduate course for engineering geology at Royal Holloway and Bedford College as well as postgraduates at Imperial College.

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