Corrosion in the Offshore Environment

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Cranfield University offers a series of one-day specialist training courses that can be linked to form a 5-day short course covering various aspects of corrosion, its monitoring and prevention.

Courses are delivered through lectures and group exercises by a combination of subject specialists from the academic community at Cranfield, and industrial practitioners. Delegates receive full course notes which complement the lectures and provide an invaluable reference tool in the workplace.

Course description

Day 1 - Fundamentals of Corrosion 1

Principles of aqueous corrosion
Corrosion kinetics
High temperature oxidation
Day 2 - Fundamentals of Corrosion 2

Corrosion in aerated environments
Pitting corrosion
Crevice corrosion
Stress corrosion cracking
Day 3 - Offshore Corrosion 1

H2S corrosion
Microbial corrosion
Hydrogen embrittlement
Corrosion fatigue
CO2 corrosion
Corrosion of welds
Day 4 - Offshore Corrosion 2

Stainless steels
Cathodic protection
Cathodic protection exercises
Overview of offshore corrosion
Day 5 - Corrosion Monitoring

Corrosion monitoring
Service failures
Industrial case studies

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