Contract Law for Engineers

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Contract Law for Engineers

A two day course which will examine the law of tort within which engineering contracts (both supply and construction) are made and operate, and explain the many matters stated in the standard forms.

Point of law will be illustrated with references to legislation and past cases. The course is based on a highly successful course of evening classes that has been held for over ten years.

Detailed course notes will be provided.

Objectives and Benefits:

Understand the basics of the English legal system including the sources of law, the adversarial nature of the system and burden of proof.

Gain knowledge of different elements of a contract.

Learn about the law of tort.

Understand the specifics of engineering and construction contracts.

Appreciate specifics such as liquidated damages, contract variation, liabilities, bonds and guarantees etc.

Obtain a good awareness about dispute resolution, adjudication and arbitration.

Course Programme:

The English legal system.

The law of contract: contract formation, terms (express, implied exclusion and limitation) requirements as to writing, discharge, breach and privity.

The tort of negligence.

Risk and payment, variations and their impact.

Essential elements of engineering contracts.

Payment mechanisms.

Standard forms of contract.

Dispute resolution.

Who should attend:

This course is ideal for those senior engineers who have spent some years in contracting but never had any formal training in contract law. Those who wish to have a refresher in the subject and those who are comparatively new to engineering and contracting and who need to understand the law within which they are working. It is equally of benefit to those who are involved in the procurement of goods, services and works and to those who are managing contract - whether for a purchaser, main contractor, subcontractor or supplier.

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