Contaminated Land Assessment and Remediation (IChemE Approved)

Course Location Manchester
Cost £1685
Type of course in situ
Course provider The University of Manchester
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Course Outline
The course defines contaminated land in terms of its sustainable usage and describes the conceptual mechanisms of land contamination.

You will learn about the relationship between the contaminant and the micro-geology and look at a range of tools for the remediation of contaminated land and their relative merits. You will also consider the roles and responsibilities of the occupiers of contaminated land.

By the end of the course you should be able to describe the relevant laws and regulations that impact on land contamination issues. You will be able to explain in detail how a Contaminated Land Site Investigation should be implemented and describe each stage’s purpose clearly. You will have the ability to synthesise a viable remediation programme for contaminated land, using techniques within your portfolio of experience.

What can you expect to learn?
• The relevant laws and regulations, including implications of the new contaminated land regime
• Roles of the local authority and environment agency
• Elements of a Phase 1 study including practical experience of a desk study and hazard appraisal
• The basis of site investigation, design sampling, data handling and analysis
• The principles, application and limitations of qualitative and quantitative risk assessment
• The principles of site remediation and technologies applicable
• Elements of remediation design implementation and control

Who will benefit most?
The course will appeal to those supervising, conducting or with a particular interest in land usage and contamination issues. It will provide valuable context for those managing, engaged in or interested in historically contaminated sites. It will be of interest to those involved or interested in environmental regulation, giving them valuable insights into the design, and therefore operational limitations, of remediation techniques.

Attend the University of Manchester for one week of lectures, seminars and small group discussions. Course material is also available electronically for you to study in your own time.

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