Computing and Systems Practice - BSc (Honours) (B33)

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Systems thinking means analysing organisations, institutions and information systems holistically, with the aim of improving efficiency, decision making and professional practice, and creating sustainable development. The aim of the Computing and Systems Practice programme is to equip you with the knowledge and skills of systems thinking and the ability to apply these to information systems. In particular, our aim is to give you:

A grasp of the key concepts of computing and of modern information systems, with an ability to see information systems in a wider systems framework.

Proficiency in systems thinking and systems practice.

An understanding of the types of software systems that are now being developed, and the tools and methods used to construct them.

Skills such as analysis, design, programming and evaluation, which can be used to construct both computer software and non-computer systems.

The ability to organise, communicate and present your own work effectively, both independently and with others in a team.

The qualities that come with being a graduate in any discipline: specialist knowledge, intellectual self-confidence and independence, analytical ability and the life-long learning skills needed to keep up with fast-changing technologies.

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