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The need for businesses to address environmental issues, with increasing environmental legislation and growing public awareness has never been greater. Good environmental management benefits your organisation by:

· Reducing your operating costs, by reducing waste, using fewer resources and being energy efficient.

· Minimising the corporate risk, by identifying your legal duties and implementing management programmes in order to minimizes the chance of a major environmental incident or prosecutions.

· Demonstrates good management, it illustrates your organisation is well managed encouraging shareholder investment and customer loyalty.

· Competitive advantage, brand protection, and the opportunity to increase market share/ open new markets. Customers and Shareholders are increasing aware of organisation’s environmental credentials, and make purchasing decisions on that basis.

· Ethnical duty, particularly for public sector organisations, environmental management demonstrates that the organisation considers the needs of its community.

The CIEH Environmental Management Certificate Course Description and Aims

This 40-hour CIEH Environmental Management Certificate course has been designed for managers and supervisors who have responsibility for decision-making, managing budgets, allocating tasks and meeting specific performance targets. The CIEH Environmental Management Certificate will also enable them to take corrective action and be confident in dealing with environmental issues and customer queries.

The overall aim for students undertaking this CIEH Environmental Management Certificate training programme will be that they acquire an appropriate level of knowledge that assists them to identify and manage environmental effects. The training programme assists in developing the necessary management skills and techniques and covers key concepts involved in environmental management.

Learning Outcomes

Following satisfactory completion of the CIEH Environmental Management Certificate training and assessment, the candidate will be able to:

· Identify, define and explain relevant environmental issues;
· Understand simple measures that can be implemented to reduce the environmental effects of organisations;
· Understand the business and community benefits of environmental management;
· Understand the principles and importance of environmental legislation and the authorities responsible for its enforcement.
· Have an understanding of a range of environmental issues including environmental science, policy and management
· Identify and evaluate the environmental effects of an organisation
· Understand the procedure for developing an environmental policy
· Contribute to an environmental management programme and identify appropriate environmental management techniques
· Understand the procedure for conducting and environmental audit and producing and environmental report
· Understand what an environmental management system is and the different standards available for their certification
· Participate in the identification of specific training needs

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