BAT, Quality and Process Optimisation (IChemE Approved)

Course Location Manchester
Cost £1685
Type of course in situ
Course provider The University of Manchester
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Course Outline
The course will teach you about the concept of ‘Best Available Technique’ (BAT), the management principals of ‘Quality’, and the methods of process optimisation. It will enable you to develop practical skills in process optimisation to enable improvements in process performance.

You will be introduced to the concept of BAT and how this concept is used under UK/EU regulations. You will visit a large refinery to find out how BAT is achieved on a large and complex installation with a rich history. An environmental professional will talk about his experience of demonstrating BAT to the regulator for an industrial process.

You will be introduced to the range of process modelling tools available, including practical qualitative and quantitative techniques. These techniques can be used to determine the root cause of problems, such as increased concentrations of pollutants in effluents. You will be taught how to set up an optimisation problem and how to use some of the tools available to solve them.
You will consider how quality management tools are used in industry to ensure process improvement and delivery of BAT.

What can you expect to learn?
• The concept of ‘Best Available Technique’ and the regulatory context
• The principals and objectives of process optimisation tools
• The management principals of ‘Quality’ and their relation to the achievement and maintenance of BAT
• How to apply a range of tools to the analysis and evaluation of operations and their performance with respect to BAT criteria
• How to analyse an industrial activity and develop optimisation objectives that are relevant to the improvement of environmental performance and contribution to sustainability
• How to formulate an optimisation problem

Who will benefit most?
The course will be useful to those working in industry, environmental consultancy or as a regulator, who require an understanding of BAT and how to achieve process improvement.
To obtain the greatest benefit from this course you will need to be mathematically competent to a standard equivalent to ‘A’ level. You will need to be comfortable with algebra and have some understanding of differential calculus and integration. You will also require a basic grounding in statistics.

Attend the University of Manchester for one week of lectures, seminars and small group discussions. Course material is also available electronically for you to study in your own time.

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